Star Rover

Platform : Windows

Genre : 3D Platformer Action


How to play, Star Rover

Game Description

Star Rover is a 3D Third-Person action in Metroidvania style. Player will be a Star Rover who wander and travel in various stars. Roy Roque , he was assigned a rescue mission. He must bring the missing scientist back to the base. In which these scientists have carried out experiments until the robots in the stars are malfunctioning and attacking people. Under the mission to save the stars, there may be something hidden and dangerous to the galaxy.

Key Features

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  • Infinity Combos: You can use horizontal slash and vertical slash to make a freestyle infinity combos. If you have a new weapon or you are upgrading your character statistics, you can increase the attack ending movement or new moves to your infinity combos.

  • Create attack power: Each weapon you choose to use It consists of 3 attack parts: the point of a sword to pierce, the sharp edge to slash, pommel to smash. Which will depend on the fighting style you choose to use. Some movements can accumulate attack power. Some movements will multiply attack power.

  • Discover everything in dungeon: In one area, which has a total of 11 areas, there will be many treasure chests to collect. There may be exotic weapons. To open all the treasure chests, that requires key abilities and will play the best way of story to play.

  • 5 types of game-ending: During the game, there will be many secrets for you to choose to follow or ignore. Your actions will change the gameplay, such as having characters help to fight or the condition of the dungeon has changed which will also affect your dungeon exploration too.

Tip for combat

  • Enemies are standing in the line of slashing, the next one hit by the sword will reduce damage power by 30-40%.
  • Vertical slashing may cause enemies to rise in the air. It depends on our and the enemy's STA.
  • Attacks over 80% of Max HP. that cause the enemy will be shattered.
  • Attacks over 60% of Max HP, enemies have only 1 in 3 HP. and guarding, which makes the enemy's weapon drop to the ground.
  • If we tear the enemy's arms, the enemy will not be able to use his arms to attack. If headless, it will attack randomly and can hit the same group by themselves.

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